Friday, July 20, 2018

Build Your Brand With Custom Packaging

The need for distinctive packaging is nothing new in the retail world. In the modern world, however, the first time many consumers will interact with a product is through the mail. Shipping boxes and materials are just one of many ways in which some of the most successful brands have branched out to find new and creative ways of presenting their product. Custom shipping materials can make opening a package an experience in and of itself. Here are 5 ways to make your brand stand out with custom shipping materials.

1. Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Amazon and Wal-Mart are just two of the major retailers that have invested in custom boxes that create anticipation the moment they arrive. People who order products online rarely only purchase one product. Custom boxes ensure your delivery stands out from the crowd. Whether you get an entire box printed or just your logo on the top or sides, a custom box is the first step to getting your brand noticed.

2. Custom Bags

When you go to a gourmet restaurant, they don't just slap food on a plate and serve it. They take time and care with the presentation. The same can be true for your brand. Your customers can open a box filled with plain brown paper and bubble wrap, or they can open a box filled with tissue paper nesting a beautiful custom bag containing their product. Some products don't even need boxes to ship, so you can simply opt for a custom shipping bag instead.

3. Custom Shipping Tape

If you run a smaller business and don't have the money to invest in printed boxes, custom shipping tape can do the trick almost as well. Even better is if you can pair a custom box with custom shipping tape. In fact, you can design your box and tape at the same time to pair well with each other.

4. Inserts

If a customer bought one product from you and they like it, chances are good they will want to buy more. You can take this opportunity to show them what else is available, with custom printed inserts. Even better is if you include a coupon on your inserts for a discount on your next order. Inserts are also a great way to barter with complementary businesses. For instance, if you create custom jewelry, you can partner with another business owner that sells other custom made items such as scarves or hats and include inserts in each other's packages. That way, you don't just send your customers a great product, you also introduce them to another great brand as well.

5. Custom Made Boxes

Custom boxes don't just stand out from the crowd, but they are actually a treat to open. You can have slogans, sayings or even instructions printed on the inside of the box and even have partitions and slots custom designed to fit your products so snugly there is no need for any additional packing materials.

As much as possible, you want to make the experience of receiving a package from your company akin to that of receiving a gift. In the digital world, your customers may never interact with your product in a store or even with a sales person. If you want to make interaction with your product a great experience, you need to start with the package it arrives in.

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